Valenzano Winery

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Valenzano Winery, 1090 Route 206, Shamong, NJ 08088

Valenzano’s non-traditional feel and unorthodox take on the wine industry is what attracts so many new wine drinkers to their tasting room. Nobody wants to visit a hoity-toity wine tasting where the Wine Tender makes you feel uninformed and uneducated. At Valenzano Winery, the Wine Tenders will answer basic questions about the wine and admit that the key to enjoying wine and food is to “find a wine you like, find food you like, and most importantly find a person you ‘like’ that you can share them with.” We leave our competitors the chore of over-thinking wine into more than it should be.

We attribute the success of our tasting room to our casual and approachable interpretation of wine tasting. We do not get caught up in meaningless accolades and ‘group think’ regarding wine. We make wines that we think consumers will enjoy, share and be able to afford. We produce every day table wines to reserve oak-aged blend. Valenzano is known for setting trends – not copying them!

Valenzano Winery currently has over 35 wines that are available for sampling and purchase at our tasting room facility.