Blue Cork Winery

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Blue Cork Winery, 1093 Blue Bell Rd, Williamstown, NJ 08094

Blue Cork Winery and Tantaros Vineyards is a Greek and Italian owned winery and vineyard. Our Vineyard was previously just farmland when we purchased it in June 2012. We bought it with the purpose of growing a Vineyard and building a Winery, Blue Cork Winery. In May 2014, we planted our first three acres of Grape Vines. In Spring 2015, we will plant our next set of Grape Vines, around 3-4 acres. My husband Angelo grew up in Greece on a farm and Vineyard. He came here to America with nothing besides himself at the age of 20, but he knew when he came here that he loved it here and this was going to be his new home. He absolutely loves United States. He loves his family in Greece and misses them dearly, but he has never regretted the choice he made to move his life here. He struggled in the beginning, but don't we all when we're just starting out. Since then, Angelo and I met in a Pizza shop, got married, had children, started a Landscaping business in December of 2002, had more children, now we are here raising our children, trying to fulfill his dream and become successful . This is his passion. He has the knowledge from his family especially his father, Dimetri Tantaros. Angelo and I brought our kids into this by teaching them and guiding them how to love and care for our vines, so that this vineyard and business will stay in our family for years to come. Our goal right now is to grow a beautiful vineyard and build a beautiful winery. Of course, we hope to bring delicious tasting wine to enjoy with our friends, family, and customers. We all hope you are excited for the opening as much as we are and the best is yet to come!